New electronic cancer screening report for providers

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This month (April 2014), Cancer Care Ontario’s (CCO) new electronic Screening Activity Report (SAR) was released to all patient enrolment model physicians across Ontario. This is a supplementary tool to support physicians in improving their cancer screening rates and appropriate follow-up.

The SAR has expanded its scope with the inclusion of patient screening data for breast and cervical cancer in addition to colorectal cancer data, which was the only program included in the previous report.  With the addition of this new data, physicians will have a more comprehensive view of their patients’ screening history for all three cancer programs and are able to use the information to determine the cancer screening needs of their patient population.

The SAR provides information not available in the Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s Target Population Services Report (TPSR), such as dates of follow-up activities and a visual overview of a patient roster’s cancer screening activity. The report also provides a double-check of patients who may require screening or follow-up when compared with data pulled from an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. 

Currently, there are over 4,700 physicians and 1,000 delegates registered for a ONE ID so they can access their SAR.

“Primary care physicians play a critical role in the cancer journey, including cancer screening,” explains Dr. Jan Owen, the regional primary care lead for the South West Regional Cancer Program. “Physicians who download the SAR and add it to the tools they use to manage their patients’ screening generally find it is a great way to review and track their cancer screening needs of their patient population and ensure they can continue to deliver exceptional care.”

As with previous reports, physicians will be able to log in and securely access their electronic SAR using their eHealth Ontario ONE ID account. This will ensure safe and secure access for physicians as they review their patients’ personal health information.

ONE ID is part of a province-wide electronic health strategy to reduce the number of IDs and passwords a user must manage and remember to access services. In the future, a growing number of provincial data sources and reports may be accessible using ONE ID.

Physicians without a ONE ID can begin the registration process by contacting eHealth Ontario at Registration appointments will be scheduled based on location and/or the date of the request.

As with previous versions of the SAR, physicians will still be able to register members of their clinical or office staff to be authorized as delegates to access their electronic SAR and help them increase their screening rates. “I highly recommend all PEM physicians take the opportunity to register and access their SAR report," says Dr. Owen. “The report will help them improve their cancer screening rates and improve the care their patients’ receive overall.”

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Click here to download the revised SAR brochure.