Health Links for Health Care Providers

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Navigating the health care system is challenging for a patient with a complex condition.  Not only are they sick, they also have to figure out how a large, complicated health care system works.  And they can often spend their time repeating their health care history to different doctors, nurses and other care providers while travelling from appointment to appointment. 

As health care professionals, you know this can leave your patients and their families anxious and tired. And this can leave you frustrated and feeling like you can’t address all of your patients’ needs.

That’s why Ontario has created Health Links. They are teams of professionals that share information and coordinate care for individual patients with complex conditions, like seniors. 

Health Links get the whole care team involved and address all the health care needs of a patient. They can even involve community agencies to help with a patient’s social needs.

When the hospital, the family doctor, nurse practitioner, the long-term care home, community organizations and others work as a team, the patient receives better, more coordinated care.  As providers you will help design a care plan for each patient and work together with patients and their families to ensure they receive the care they need.

Want to learn more? Health Links Explained is a whiteboard video that shows how Health Links can work for providers and patients.

Interested in becoming part of a Health Link? Contact your Local Health Integration Network for information.

Health Links is one way Ontario is transforming health care so it is more effective and efficient– and ensures the system is there for those who need it. It’s all part of Ontario’s Action Plan for Health Care. Let’s Make Healthy Change Happen.